Crushed72816a2There are, honestly, besides my kids & family, seven things that can get me going if I let them.  Some of them I have control over, some I do not. And from time to time they pop up & freak the living daylights out of me.  However, they have absolutely nothing to do with politics or religion.

My biggest worry is stagnation.  That I will not be able to move past the anxiety that impedes my attainment of the life I want. I fear that I will remain alone and unloved and became one of those old, crazy, jaded women who hates everything young and beautiful. But I reject that thought; I chose to embrace life and be the freedom I hear in the songs that pulse through my soul.

I’m scared as shit to step out of the anonymity the hides me from conjecture and undue criticism but which also blocks my light. But dear goddess, what is the alternative the primal drive to create that haunts the steps of artists except to do your art no matter what?

But damn, I think way too fucking much…….

I do have to nail this vocal….



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