Sometimes we forget to be grateful. Sometimes we are so busy coping that we forget to live. I’ve been fighting so much for so long I almost missed the fact that victory is at hand. Fortune indeed greets me at my door; a hard fought battle I almost ignored.

I’m sure to some that might sound like a glib statement as I sit here amongst the ruins of many careers; I’m not the engineer I went to school to be, nor the dancer or the journalist. I’ve been laid off, fired, held in contempt, treated like shit & straight out lied to my entire stint in Corporate America all for being the one thing that I own exclusively: ME. I never fit in, and they made me pay for it every fucking day.

But I’m not there now.  I’m somewhere else.  Yes, it could all fuck up tomorrow – or even today for that matter, but it won’t.  Cause I figured out that the only way I lose is not to try. And right now, probably for the first time in a long time, I’m trying.

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