If you had told me in my youth that in 2017 I would finally get my butt back in the studio, I would have laughed in your face. But back then 30 was ancient. I also thought we’d be doing the Jetson thing by now.  But here we are; still rotating around the sun sans Jetpacks and age is what you make it.  And as I prep to fulfill a long held dream I’m just grateful for the opportunity. Better Late Than Never this thing is finally getting done. I had to scale back my original plans, scraping the EP for a single, but what a single it is – thanks to my producer Mike Davidson.

So as I move through this life altering process, I promise you a front row seat.  I don’t have any expectations except to enjoy the ride and hopefully so will you. Because the key to happiness is to live your dreams even if it takes a while; Better Late Than Never means to never give up.


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